May 17, 2004 ~ There are lot of things going on the pass six months. I can't believe I haven't been updating my pictures here. I went to see my sister in Toronto last Christmas, then my cousin's wedding recently in April, and a few trip to the Rockies as well. I'll collect all of these wonderful memories and put it on this album as soon as I can. For those who just been to this site recently and find some of the links aren't working I apologize.  They are now uploaded back on the site. ;)

Dec 20, 2003 ~ FIVE MORE DAYS TO CHRISTMAS!! Really excited! I will be spending Christmas in Toronto! Hey, check out my Xmas page la, I've posted a new picture that I have edited today. :)

Dec 8, 2003 ~ Greeting everyone!! Merry Christmas! I just set up the Xmas light and decor at home today. The picture on 'Merry Xmas' page was taken afterward.  It took me 3 hours to 'fix' that picture, I hope you like it as much as I do. :)

Nov 24, 2003 ~ A must-see presentation is included under 'May and Vivek's page. This power point presentation was created by Louisa, Teresa, & Denise (LTD production) and was presented to guesses at the banquet. (Please be patient, this might take upto a minute or two to load. ) Most of the links are up and running now! :)

Nov 23, 2003 ~ I have added a new theme song on each page; I hope you'll like them too. The song that's playing right now is called "My Memory" which start this little journey to my sweet memories. (All midi are downloaded from here )

Nov 8, 2003 ~ The most recent addition to my photo album is Patricia's CMA Graduation & her trip with Marlon to Calgary. Check it out on her page!! I have added a beautiful picture of her that was taken this summer too!! :)

Nov 6, 2003 ~ If you have visited my site a couple of days ago, you'll notice that I have changed the background dramatically! I thought this will bring you some winter spirit here. :) Winter is not my favorite season, but the snow look very nice when you are looking out of a window in front of a fireplace and holding a warm hot chocolate in your hands.

Nov  3, 2003 ~ I have put a couple of new picture albums on here now.  Check out Mom & Dad's and May's la!! :)

Nov  2, 2003 ~ This is the first time I am trying out to create a web site. Although it's quite difficult at first but I am trying my best to do this right. If you have any suggestion, don't hesitate to tell me. I know there is a lot of work to be done on this page but bear with me and give me a chance to improve.

Oct 27, 2003 ~ Hi, my name is Suilam and I'll be your host. Finally, after all these years, I have my own web site now. :) I am so glad that I can put something here to sure with you.